Lester Peeters


Who am I?


HTML, CSS, Jquery, Bootstrap










As a person I am motivated and focused on goals. I find it important to do what I say as this offers me structure and order. I talk easily and often to friends and colleagues.

As a webdeveloper I enjoy solving front- and back-end problems where my preference lies with programming languages like JavaScript and PHP. I challenge myself to code as efficiently as possible. Ideally I work independently in a team with a joint and defined goal. In addition I feel responsible for correctly and professionally handling my tasks and work.

For hobbies I enjoy being creative. I play videogames to relax. Next to that I also write, read and draw often. Gardening is also a big hobby of mine, but the majority of that is something reserved for the spring and summer.


In terms of hobbies I enjoy being creative. I write, read and draw often. Besides that I also play videogames to relax. My preference lies with the fantasy genre. I enjoy experiencing or reading creative stories a lot. From these things I then get inspired for my writing or drawing. When the sun is shining I also enjoy giving time and care to my indoors and outdoors plants.

Creative hobbies

Because my favorite genre of media is fantasy most of my hobbies are related to that. I read a lot of stories from different countries that are usually translated to english. It feeds my creativity to read stories from diverse sources. It's amazing to imagine a different world. Stories from other people broaden my horizon and give insight into the life and experiences of the author.

The reading and gaming feeds my writing and drawing. With these experiences and stories my creativity and the ability to make connections between pieces of knowledge grows. Because I believe that a story gives insight into the thoughts and inner world of the author, I want to use my own stories to expose those things of me as well.


I always found it enjoyable to take care of plants. It's most fun to see them grow really quickly. Oftentimes I will put a plant in a pot that is far too large for it, so that it has a luxurious amount of space to grow. Then it's even more fun to watch it fill that pot.

After a lot of experimenting I ended up with a lot of grasses. Bamboos and ornamental grasses are the most fun for me right now because they grow so quickly. I have 2 bamboos and 1 grass besides my other plants right now.